I have the following use case for which I'm trying to find an optimal use of either filsystem, database (rdbms or a flavour of noSql solution). Any advice is welcome, as I want to see what is optimal.

  1. Client application: will generate logs intervals of 1-3 seconds. By logs I mean structured log data (either about connections, applications used, processes used, screenshots, etc..). Some log data will be structured, some will be unstructured (where the schema can change thus).
  2. Storage solution: will need to persist all this data very fast. Will sit on 1-* server(s). It doesn't matter if it's a hybrid solution between filesystem/rdbms/(any suitable flavour of) noSql.
  3. Post processing: the data needs to be queryable ofcourse. E.g. just a key-value store would not suffice, that's a given (maybe for the screenshots only yes).

As a reference, here's a more concrete example:

  1. User runs the client for 2-3 hours (during a "monitoring period"). It sends log data over the wire to the server (storage). Writing speed and data accuracy is vital here.
  2. Management system accumulates the data and makes a report on certain characteristics. All log data should be able to be fetched if needed - but there will be a specific query for a set of users in a given monitoring period. Reading speed is less necessary here, but data accuracy and finding all log parts back eventually is necessary.

If I need to give more information, please let me know.

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