I want to edit Turtle (RDF) files in the most convenient way possible.

Formal requirements: The solution must be FLOSS and a local/offline client that runs natively on GNU/Linux.

I don’t expect (but hope) to find a client that has all these features, so please also recommend editors which are only partial matches. There might also be really helpful features I can’t think of right now, so feel free to recommend editors that shine in other Turtle editing areas.

Syntax highlighting.
Maybe differentiating between URIs, prefixed names, and literals, but I’m open for anything (just as long there is some sensible coloring).

It should be possible to automatically indent the content in a sensible way, especially predicate lists and object lists.

Syntactic validation.
Warn/highlight when there is a syntactical error, for example, as soon as a prefix is used which is not declared, or when a trailing dot is missing.

(Simple) semantic validation.
Warn/highlight when there is a semantic error, for example, when the local part of a prefixed name is not defined in the corresponding vocabulary. (*)

Offer autocomplete when declaring prefixes (e.g., when typing @prefix foa, the tool should offer to complete to @prefix foaf: <http://xmlns.com/foaf/0.1/> .) and when using prefixed names (e.g., when typing foaf:n, the tool should offer to complete to foaf:name). (*)

Construct URLs for prefixed names.
Right-clicking on a prefixed name should offer a way to copy the full URL into the clipboard or open it in the default browser.

Offer a way to search for possible optimizations, i.e., use of predicate/object lists, and execute them.

(*): For semantic validation and autocomplete, I’m fine with adding vocabularies (with all their terms) and the corresponding prefixes I like to use manually to the editor somehow. A RDF(S) import function for vocabularies would, of course, be even better.

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    Info: There is a free/libre extension ("LinkedData") which offers Turtle syntax highlighting and prefix mapping auto-completion/validation (based on prefix.cc), but it’s currently only available for a proprietary editor (Sublime Text 3). Support for free/libre editors is planned, though. – unor Apr 20 '19 at 22:06

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