Many languages have associated package managers, and official online package repositories; but C++ doesn't seem to have one. Still, does it have any popular, non-official but robust, featureful and multi-platform package managers catering to it?

Note: I'm not talking about OS distribution packages.



A popular C++ package manager I am aware is Conan.

Main website | GitHub repo | Documentation

It's by a company called JFrog, which has a freemium service named the "Artifactory"; the binary packages of Conan are somehow related to / stored within the free part of the "Artifactory". There are, supposedly, around 180,000 binary packages accessible with Conan (likely including redundancies and versions of the same package etc.)

Main features:

  • Libre
  • Gratis
  • Multi-platform
  • Not officially condoned, but regarded favorably and featured in some C++ conferences.
  • Interaction with "JFrog Artifactory", for non-source artifact packages.
  • Uses the Python language internally
  • No single central repository - everyone can be their own Conan node / repository.
  • Versioning is per package/library
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Microsoft vcpkg

A package manager for both C and C++, from Microsoft. Focuses on sources rahter than binaries.

Main website | GitHub repository | Wikipedia page | FAQ

  • Libre: MIT license
  • Gratis
  • Source only (?)
  • Platforms: MacOS, Windows, Linux
  • Centralized repository
  • Written in C++, not Python
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