In former times, when wanting to read an .epub, I'd use Microsoft Edge. Thing is, as of last year, Microsoft Edge no longer supports .epubs.

So, I most likely have to go with any third-party reader. What free option should I go for that's not a browser extension like EPUBReader?

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I tend to go with sumatrapdf on most of my windows boxen. Handles Epub (and is a pretty competent pdf, mobi and cb* reader)

Its got a simple UI with options to fit width and show pages continously, or by page.

enter image description here

Its also customisable by editing a text file and you can easily customise it from the black on cream default

enter image description here A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

I've seen some people using others like Calibre, Ebook Reader or FBReader. So, it's a matter of selecting the one you like best.

  • This app doesn't even support zoom. I changed both text size and zoom level on epub but non of them work
    – pazel1374
    Mar 31, 2022 at 19:55

There is also a program called Calibre. It's an ebook manager and library like application. It provides an epub reader, or can shell out to other types of readers if configured.

I'm a huge fan of this application since it's a FOSS application.


To promote all sides, Adobe does provide an epub reader called Adobe Digital Editions.

Sometimes there are ebooks, or epubs that are only able to be opened in this application. Those are generally epubs with DRM on them. Google around a bit on this one.


Ice Cream Ebook Reader is a good option, it renders ebooks better than Calibre.

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