I'll give the general details first, then the specific scenario I'm going for, then one route I'm thinking of that's not quite the best fit (I don't think).

General Details

I'm looking to track the status of some assets that go through a very predictable and repeated cycle each year. Multiple people need to see the asset on something of a list, with their current status, and when the next expected status change is. If someone changes a status, it should be logged, and ideally visualized in a timeline like view (I'm even envisioning some timeline like https://adminlte.io/themes/AdminLTE/pages/UI/timeline.html)

My specific scenario:

I help manage a bunch of university dorm rooms. Each year, someone moves out, we need to inventory the work needed to get done, do the work, request cleaning, have it marked as clean, inspect it, mark it as ready for occupancy and then have it marked as occupied.

There are probably about 5 people that need these details about where a room is in the process - the cleaning crew needs to know what's coming, maintenance needs to know what's occupied and what needs work, and the residence life people need to know what's ready for someone to move in (and communicate when someone is coming, so better get the work done!)

One Idea

Go with what you know - I use osTicket a lot for other service requests. I could do a separate install of osticket, open a "Ticket" for each residential room/space, then create custom statuses. It would handle the timeline logging and statuses, but it's definitely forcing something to do something it wasn't designed for. Obviously, if anyone ever closed a ticket, things would be very confusing! These room tickets would stay open perpetually as they moved through the statuses in a loop.

Ideas? Thoughts? Questions? I'm flexible and feeling creative. PHP & MySQL type application preferred.

Thanks in advance!

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