I have a song downloaded in MP3 and I have the lyrics in plain text. I would like to create a synced LRC file. (Yes, I'm that oldschool). I'm looking for a tool similar to lrcmaker.com, but with a bit more features.

I remember that when I did this the last time about a year ago, I found an awesome tool for that – it had simple UI which allowed seeking backwards and forwards in the music and corrections of tagged segments, and all this just using keyboard hotkeys. I believe it was hosted on Github Pages, i.e. at .github.io.

I also think there were some untranslated Japanese characters somewhere and it had some anime background, but that might've changed. That's of course not a requirement I'm asking, just a thing I remember.

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I found it! It's lrc-maker.github.io. And I found it so randomly, by messing with Firefox extensions and finding the URL in service workers. W00t

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