On the surface, what I'm looking for is incredibly simple and basic: an Android app to perfectly export all contacts and then be able to perfectly import them again.

That's it.

But every app I've tried has failed in one way or another. The apps I've tried include Export Contacts, Simple Contacts Pro, MCBackup, Easy Backup, and the Contacts app built into Samsung phones. Each of these apps fails for at least one of the following requirements:

  1. Works completely offline (no DropBox, no Gmail, etc. for the exports).
  2. Works with Android 7.0+ (Nougat).
  3. Supports ALL vCard 2.x fields, including contact images.
  4. Does not modify data in any way. For example, if a phone number is stored as *12 +12 (123) 456-7890 ,, 12, the app needs to export and import it exactly like that.
  5. Exports all contacts to an easily readable and editable text format. VCF (vCard) is preferred, but any format meeting this requirement is satisfactory.
  6. Export/import from/to an offline Android contacts account (not linked to Gmail or any other online provider).

Open-source, gratis, and ad-free preferred, but none are required. Any price is fine.

The closest I have come to finding something that works is DecSync. But DecSync is really a syncing tool, and not an export/import tool. As such, it often stores the data for each contact across multiple files in different folders after they have been edited at least once. This causes edits made in accordance with item #5 above to be time consuming and challenging. Also, because it is overkill for what I need, it involves much more internal complexity. My experience is that such complexity can often lead to problems, including data loss.

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