I am looking for a good PDF editor with annotation features (comments and pen tool) as well as the ability to pick and choose features (because I don't want them to have a download button or a print button). Does anyone have good suggestions? It doesn't matter the cost because I am just using it for a market research paper! Ideally it would be compatible with Angular.

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    You are looking for an application? Or a SDK/library? why is hiding the print/download button important? – Ryan Jul 29 '20 at 18:55
  • @Ryan I want to limit the the ability to steal/copy the pdfs. I think I want a SDK/library that will embed in my already existing angular component – Danielle Zevitz Jul 30 '20 at 14:36
  • @Ryan viewers I have already considered are PDFtron, PSPDFKit, Qoppa Software, and LeadTools – Danielle Zevitz Jul 30 '20 at 14:37
  • Could you elaborate on what you mean by "considered"? Why did you not pick one of those four solutions? – Ryan Jul 30 '20 at 16:10
  • @Ryan all those options are valid, and we are leaning towards PDFtron, but part of my job is I have to prove why all the other PDF editors are not as good as the best option, and I want to make sure I have all of the available options – Danielle Zevitz Jul 30 '20 at 16:58

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