I need to create a resource portal for an yearly employee improvement event that we hold for several companies and I need some help wordpress plugin advice for user registration.

All registration will be done by the super admin (probs me)

I need a tiers parent/child registration. I will need to a Team admin, coach, and team leader for several companies. There will be 1 team admin, many coaches, and many team leaders, each of these will need to belong to a company so that I can set a logo which will show on the page

The coach can be the 'coach' of several team leaders. The team leader will need to be a child of 1 coach

Coach and subsequently their team leaders will be a child of team admin.

I need this kind of structure because I will be getting team leaders to upload photos, that other team leaders what see but their coach and team admins will.

Here is a user structure diagram: enter image description here

Can anyone give advice on a plugin that can achieve this structure?

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