I'm searching for an app for Android that can track consumables spec and history, such as the following list:

  • Upper Bathroom :: Lamp

    • Spec: CFL 14w

    • History:

      • Philips $1.00 (2018-02-03 to 2019-01-03 burnt out)
      • Osram $0.90 (2019-01-03 to 2019-08-25 burnt out)
      • Philips $1.20 (2019-08-25 to now)
  • Suzuki :: Front Light

    • Spec: Halogen 55w

    • History:

      • SGP (2015-04-06 to 2018-05-07 burnt)
      • SGP $25 (2018-05-09 to 2019-07-21)
      • Osram H4 Nightbreaker Laser $35 (2019-07-21 to now)

And so on.

I've searched quite a bit and all apps I got are either too simple or too professional-oriented.

Is there an Android app that can keep track of consumables spec & history like I want above?

Preferably offline based (does not need always-on connection) but preferably can backup to the cloud (Google/Dropbox).

  • Hi. Please clarify if the specs/history is going to be entered yourself, or pulled automatically from a source.
    – Z Z
    Jul 26, 2020 at 9:20
  • @ZZ hi, sorry for not answering immediately. The specs/history will be entered by myself, not pulled from another source.
    – pepoluan
    Aug 1, 2020 at 11:09
  • Hi. How did you resolve this?
    – Z Z
    Jan 20, 2021 at 14:35

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You could probably use an android inventory app like one the following, even though not the initial use case:

  • Magic Home Inventory - it enables boxes to be created using lists, which can then contain other items (Lists). So your specs can be put under each item in a "box". It works offline, and you can export manually to back-up but needs to copied to cloud.

  • Also have a look at Sortly. You can probably use categories or folders to mimic Boxes.

You will find a few others on apkpure.com, but you will have to try out to see if they meet all your requirements.

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