Please, recommend a library for a quik start. The task is to create a new scanning module for existing MFC-application

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You could try the LEADTOOLS Twain scanning module. (Disclosure: I work for its vendor). The following C++ code lets the user select a scanner and saves the scanned image to disk:

APPLICATIONDATA appData = { sizeof(APPLICATIONDATA), hWnd, TEXT("My Company"), TEXT("My Product"), TEXT("1.0"), TEXT("My App"), TWLG_ENGLISH_USA, TWCY_USA };
L_TwainInitSession(&twainSession, &appData);
L_TwainSelectSource(twainSession, NULL);
BITMAPHANDLE bmp = { 0 };
L_TwainAcquire(twainSession, &bmp, sizeof(bmp), NULL, LTWAIN_SHOW_USER_INTERFACE, NULL, NULL);
if (bmp.Flags.Allocated)
   L_SaveBitmap(TEXT("g:\\test\\scannedImage.tif"), &bmp, FILE_TIFLZW, bmp.BitsPerPixel, 0, NULL);

There’s a free evaluation for the SDK on this page. The evaluation contains advanced demos in case you need other Twain features (setting capabilities, scanning multiple images from a document feeder, etc.). There’s also free email and chat support during evaluation.

  • Great, thank you for the info! As I see, this SDK is included into multiple LEADTOOLS products... could you please give a hint which one to choose? TWAIN is the only thing I need at the moment.
    – Roman
    Jul 28, 2020 at 7:26
  • Most Twain features are included in all imaging (non-Multimedia) toolkits, starting with the Imaging Pro. The only feature that requires the more expensive Document Imaging is “Fast Twain”, but it’s mainly needed for optimizing high-volume document scanning. This page shows all features and toolkits in a clear table. Jul 28, 2020 at 18:17

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