I work in anti-Pomodoros. I start working and see how long I can go before I need an extended break (generally ~3 hours). It would help my motivation to have a timer where I can see how long I have been working in that session. However, I cannot use a stopwatch because I do take very short screenbreaks which I do not want to include in my time record.

My ideal program would:

  • Have a start, stop and pause button
  • After the start button is pressed, it would start counting up the amount of time I have spent on the computer in that session
  • If I stop using the computer, the time I have spent away from the computer would be automatically subtracted from the usage time (this can be with or without notification when I return to the computer, although with is preferable)
  • Have a small window which is always on top

There are several features which make time tracking programs I have found so far unsuitable:

  • A lot of time tracking programs keep a log of which windows you have open/what program you are working on - I do not want this level of tracking
  • I would prefer that any time tracking information is stored locally rather than online, although this is not essential

If possible, I would like to install something that would be accepted by Microsoft Defender Smart Screen - I use Windows 10

I already use Fanurio to track time on the sub-tasks I complete within my 3 hours block - the way it works would be suitable for my purpose, but I cannot have two timers running at the same time.

I have tried Harvest, which works the way I want it to, but the timer window is too large and cannot be reduced.

I have tried Toggl, which has a small window which can be set to always on top, but when I return to the computer after a pause it starts a new session, so I cannot see how long I have previously spent working.

I have tried searching for "Screentime Tracker", but a lot of these also restart the counter when you take breaks.

I am after a very simple functionality - surely there must be something out there!

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