Write clean code is an essential skill that allows us to share and collaborates with others, I'm wondering which linter is suitable for my workflow, I'm trying flake8 and pylint, but when I execute it, they detect different aspects.

# I'm executing it in the below way
$ flake8 .
$ pylint my_module.py

I would like a code linter for:

  • To follow the official PEP 8 guide style.
  • To implement validation in git, I don't know if with CI/CD, pre-commit or something else.
  • To add it to an IDE to get advice in the fly.

What code linter do you recommend for this workload?

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    I might suggest this blog post that uses black (auto-formatter) and flake8 since clear addresses your first 2 requirements, and possibly your third. – citadelgrad Jul 18 '20 at 6:06

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