I'm searching for some (preferabibly free) software that allows to easily do that.

I mean it should be something like choosing "merge" option, then to be able to select "video1" and then "video2", press a button like "Merge selected videos", and a new video is created with each video displaying on half of the screen.

The final result would be something like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pk9ouMC7qE0

Although, in my case, I wouldn't even need to sync videos.

Can you, please, recommend me one?

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No GUI but you can do this, and more, from a python or ipython interactive shell with MoviePy by using a clip_array. Note that MoviePy uses FFMPEG behind the scenes but if necessary downloads its own copy automatically on first use.


  1. Install Python3 if you don't have it already
  2. run: pip install ipython moviepy

An example (note that you will get both audio streams at once with this code), from within Python or iPython:

from moviepy.editor import VideoFileClip, clips_array
clip1 = VideoFileClip("my_first_video.mp4") # Optionally add a margin with .margin(10)
clip2 = VideoFileClip("my_other_video.mp4")
final_clip = clips_array([[clip1, clip2])
# final_clip.resize(width=480).write_videofile("my_split.mp4") # Resized
final_clip.write_videofile("my_split.mp4") # Width will be combined width
# Go and do something while this last line runs

Of course if you need to do this often then you can put it into a python script file that takes the names for the input files and the desired output file.

  • Free, Open Source & Gratis
  • Cross Platform

I personally use Adobe Premier Rush and I love it. I have used Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier in the past but for the price they're not worth it for creating simple split-screen videos. Here is a Youtube video of how to actually make one:


It isn't free, but you can start by paying monthly for it on Adobe and then go to cancel it and they will offer you a much better deal (like 50% off). You can even try to cancel again later and they usually offer another discount.

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