A similar question was asked before , but decor does not have cloze or image occlusion flashcard creation ability, on the fly.

In MarginNote 3, An user can crop out a section of document by selecting and apply image occlusion and export it as .apkg.

I believe this the best way to create IO cards quickly.

The closest software was an anki add-on, but it's not as robust as margin note 3.

I also tried requesting margin note dev. to support windows OS, they gave discount coupon to buy marginnote 3 for mac, without responding to the actual question, and subsequent contact attempts didn't help as, they didn't reply.

Main Question

  1. IS there is a way to run margin note 3 on windows/ubuntu without having to use an emulator.

  2. Or if there an alternative app, which is as robust as margin note 3,

please let me know

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