What is the best method/language/tools to create a GUI with a C++ back-end?

The GUI application has to communicate with a C++ application (which controls hardware on a USB port). This C++ application will store its data in a database. The data of the database must be visualized in graphs in the GUI. The GUI needs to consist of multiple pages (one on which the graphs are shown). And should include a slide open menu button in the corner and an account button in the other corner.

The GUI needs to run natively on a Windows 10 PC. The graphs that will be created must show data in "real-time" (at least within 0.5 seconds, faster preferred).

I've already researched the following options:

  • Use a GUI library in C++ (for example wxWidgets or QT).
  • HTML/CSS with C++ as the back-end
  • Microsoft Visual Studio with C++ (has a graphical tool to create GUI's)

I think HTML/CSS is the go-to solution for GUI's (like this one), but I don't know if it is easily doable to share a database between the C++ and the HTML/CSS front-end.

I prefer easy configuration of the GUI, easy creation of a menu button with a slide open animation of some kind (as I have no prior knowledge of GUI development). And the application should feel natively and modern (my knowledge of wxWidgets is that it can look outdated on Linux (with the default buttons)).

What are the go-to tools/frameworks/methods for creating GUI's like this one?

  • I'm pretty sure QT is C++ based. – Eric S Jul 13 '20 at 20:43

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