I'm looking for a way to download a twitter profile or twitter threads in a nice format like PDF or HTML. Pictures and videos (in case of HTML) should also be downloaded and shown in exported file.

I'm just surprised I'm having a hard time to achieve this. I'm searching github and google for hours and couldn't find exactly what I wanted.

I mean we are talking about Twitter here, I was thinking there would be probably tens of good pyhton scripts and such which would do what I wanted but that's not the case really. Or I'm terrible at finding things.

I found and used some python scripts like twarch, twint but they don't do what I want exactly. They download text or json but not exactly what I wanted, no pictures, no exports in a nice format etc..

There's this site which does almost exactly what I want for threads: https://threadreaderapp.com/ But its PDF Export feature wants money. I'm shocked I can't find a command line utility or a python script and such which will do that job.

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