I would like to treat an external drive (on Windows) similarly to cloud storage with offline access. Let me explain:

Clients like Google Docs Offline, Google Drive Backup and Sync, Dropbox, Autosync for Dropbox (Dropsync) etc each offer some of the following functionality:

  • By caching only file names from the cloud: list, rename, delete, create, move, copy files and directories
  • By caching file contents from the cloud: edit files

These changes can be "scheduled" while offline (not connected to the cloud) and propagated later when online.

I would like to do the same for an external drive: cache file names or contents, schedule changes while unplugged, propagate changes later when plugged in. Do solutions exist for Windows?

To save space, file contents would ideally be cached only for some files (possibly with dynamically adapting cache size), depending on choice of specific files, or file size, or file usage/edit history/date. This is what solutions like RealTimeSync don't seem to offer - they sync all file contents.

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