Do you know a good PDF-file sanitizer?

Free would be nice but is not a must-have.

The sanitizer should either be a .NET-Core library or a program that can be executed in Windows CMD.

It should remove Actions and JS-Code without sacrificing usability.

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You can use Docotic.Pdf library to find and remove potentially insecure content:

For example:

  1. Remove all scripts in PdfDocument.SharedScripts collection.
  2. Check PdfDocument.GetWidgets() collection to detect form fields and annotations. You can remove or flatten them if necessary. Sample: https://github.com/BitMiracle/Docotic.Pdf.Samples/tree/master/Samples/Forms%20and%20Annotations/FlattenFormFields
  3. Check and remove interactive actions in certain objects:
    • PdfDocument.OnOpenDocument property
    • PdfDocument.OutlineRoot and its child objects. Use PdfOutlineItem.Action property.
    • Actions in controls (PdfControl.On* properties)
    • Action area (widgets of PdfActionArea type)
  4. Check and remove file attachments in PdfDocument.SharedAttachments collection and in file attachment annotations (widgets of PdfFileAttachmentAnnotation).

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