Requirements: File transfer (images/videos) from a PC/Mac to Mobile devices (android and iOS) with NO INTERNET AND DATA services.

I looked into Airdrop for IOS however the challenges is it's only for IOS devices. I'm also aware about NFC/Beam but it looks like it only works on Android only (not sure)

Snapdrop looks cool, however it's internet dependent too.

The ideal working scenario is to have wifi hotspot or Airdrop-like functionality that works on both Android and IOS.

I also tested Bluetooth File exchange on Mac to my android phone, it works but it's snail slow. :(

Any ideas or tech recommendation I would need to look into is much appreciated.


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I use the free version of Syncios to back up my Android phone. I connect my phone to my Windows laptop with a USB cable and back up the data on the phone to folders on my laptop. It also supports iOS.


The only soft not based in cloud that I know is the opensource and multiplatform Syncthing. The official app has not client for iOS but Mobius sync is a client Syncthing compatible.

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