I'm looking for a open source or low cost web browser control to replace the WebBrowser control in a .Net Core 3.1 WPF application. I need it to display HTML files from the filesystem and support the latest standards for HTML/JavaScript etc. Ideally, it would support AnyCpu (not just x86 or x64), and would not require a third party browser to be installed (as not all my clients will be able to do this). I've investigated the following:

  1. Microsoft WebView - obsolete (pending the release of WebView2). No file:// support and doesn't seem to work on Windows 7.
  2. WebView2. Needs a specific version of Edge installed (my users may not have this installed).
  3. CefSharp - Not entirely clear if this fully supports .Net Core 3.1 and AnyCpu support is sketchy.
  4. CefGlue - looks like it has been abandoned.
  5. Chromely.CefGlue - fork of CefGlue. Updated recently but doesn't support WPF.

Do you have any recommendations. Many thanks in advance

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