For context, I am using a FLIR One thermal scanner. It's a thermal camera that attaches to my Android phone and has an associated App that functions just like most camera Apps, except in Predator Vision.

The associated App apparently does not use Camera Intent Filters - so I can't designate it as a default camera app. Their SDK is also garbage and I am unable to even generate an APK file, let alone alter the App to function how I want. When you download an example to build off of, it literally states in a comment that what you are seeing is not production quality code - making my task near impossible.

What this all means is: I can't use an HTML form to prompt the user to take photos that get sent directly to a server.

I would like an App that "listens" for new entries to the FlirOne folder on my phone, and has a way to send these files to a server as they are taken. Free preferred, may be willing to pay if I can justify to my boss.

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