I've seen questions on SR.SE about blogging platforms that have features useful to programmers, but even with extensive Google-fu I'm at a loss for a blogging platform that would allow me to have multiple 'versions' of articles in different languages.

I ask this question because a cool new platform, Ghost, comes really really close to meeting all of the following specifications, with the exception of a 'multiple language toggle' and the ability to have comments on articles.

Must have

  1. Platform be hosted (I don't own any servers)
  2. Articles on the blog have multiple 'versions'.
    • Articles should be able to be written in multiple languages with an easy-to-use toggle for context-switching
      have blog 'subdomains', e.g. fr.my-blog.domain; en.my-blog.domain
  3. Platform should support markup
    • quoting
    • code blocks
    • straight-up HTML if possible
  4. Lightweight! This is just a blog, not a web site. Support for really basic things - text, images, hyperlinks, etc. I'm not really looking for a full-blown CMS.

Like to have

  1. Hosting cost < $15.00 per month (free would be great, but I wouldn't mind paying)
  2. Custom domain name
  3. Support for per-article commenting system
  4. Programming language-specific markup (syntax highlighting)

Now, I've already checked out Ghost, as mentioned. The only features it seems to be lacking are a native per-article commenting system and a multi-language toggle. Since I can't very well install the Ghost platform on my own server (that I don't have), I wouldn't be able to implement a 3rd-party commenting system as suggestion in this article.

Since I require hosting, modifications to the original platform will probably (but not always) be limited (as with the above Ghost example).

Is there any platform that manages to encapsulate these requirements?

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You don't even need a blog platform for that.
Just a static site generator like Pelican or Jekyll would be sufficient, you write with a Markdown editor (I use MacDown personally), you generate the HTML files of your blog using a tool like Pelican or Jekyll, you host it for free on github pages, and then point your github page to your domain.
For example, I own the domain name moua.fr, my blog http://moua.fr is generated using Pelican, is hosted on Github page, and is available in French, English and German.
Simple, free and powerful :)

  • Thanks for your answer Yann. Ironically I actually ended up creating a Github Page about two months ago, and used Jekyll to do so! I stopped looking for existing solutions to the multi-lingual aspect. It won't be hard to write a JavaScript 'language toggle' function to toggle the text into different languages, so I decided to stop being lazy and just code it :) I appreciate the answer, and since I wound up using Jekyll, I marked it as accepted :) Oct 12, 2015 at 14:17

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