Version 1 UUIDs represent a point in space and in time.

The "space" part is the MAC address taken from the networking port of the computer to uniquely identify where the id was generated (nearly unique, there have been some infamous screw-ups in assigning MAC addresses by the networking hardware manufacturers).

The "time" part is a 60-bit timestamp, being the number of 100-nanosecond intervals since midnight 15 October 1582 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Java omits Version 1

No implementation of Version 1 UUID is required by the Java specifications.

Presumably this is because of the security and privacy concerns from potentially divulging your MAC address and the moment of creation.

I am looking for a 3rd-party implementation of a Version 1 UUID generator.

  • Pure Java implementation, would be preferred. But a native implementation would work as well if wrapped in a Java library, and working on macOS, MS Windows, BSD, and Linux at least. Most every host OS provides a robust UUID implementation.
  • Open-source is required, so its source code can be verified.
  • A fee is acceptable.


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