I have Intel Celeron 1.1GHz and 4GB ram currently with w10 installed but I'm looking for a a linux distribution that is lighter and won't force updates into my poor machine.

It will mainly be used to browser online, write text on LaTeX, read pdf and code on C (I'm not a programmer but sometimes I write a simple code and need to compile/test it) outside of that the most I would ask for is to emulate game boy (but it's almost irrelevant). Moreover I would really appreciate if it was stable and friendly to install. I've read some posts here and LUbuntu or XUbuntu seems to be a great option, but I've never used any and I dont know if any Tex distribution is compatible so I'm better off asking for help. Many thanks.

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You've mentioned Lubuntu and Xubuntu, and both will do the job just fine, though heavy multitasking may see it take a hit on performance.

Regarding your LaTeX distribution: For any Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, you can simply run this command to install LaTeX:

$ sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-recommended

This will install the packages for standard LaTeX use. You can then render your TeX files by running:

$ pdflatex file.tex

This will create a pdf file names file.pdf from the input file file.text.

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