I am looking for a Jira software like solution but simpler. I tried configuring Jira to my needs. Just showing story points in the backlog is a task which needs research and is not straightforward. And to be honest it seems like the software is too advanced for my needs (right now). Since very simple things take a lot of time to find and configure.

I looked into different packages. And there seems to be 1 key feature which I need which is often missing.

  • I need the software to be able to make a sprint which consists of stories from multiple projects. I'd like to use it for clients who don't fill up an entire sprint on their own. Instead we combine multiple clients into 1 sprint. But their projects must be separated of course. Jira makes this possible with a global board.
  • An open-source hosted versions or SaaS are both fine. As long as the pricing is ok, preferable free. Jira is free up to 10 users, which is ok.
  • And standard functions like: adding users stories to projects, add estimations, prioritizing, start sprints etc.

The most promising project which I found was https://leantime.io/ but it lacks the first feature I listed.

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Mine and my team's favorite alternative to Jira is Linear, at fact, it has a few integrations compared to Jira but it's way more lightweight and comfortable to be used.


If you are still on the lookout, Teamhood could be another option. As it allows you to oversee all projects in one portfolio view. And if you are running a smaller team, Timeline or Workload view in Teamhood could do the trick as well.


Yeah that's a tough feature for something that's not feature cluttered like Jira. I'd recommend going with a standard bargain product like Scrumfast.com, creating a "small customer" project, and simply using epics to link particular small customers.

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