I am looking for an open source LMS that can be used for thousands of schools in the country.

Can Moodle, Canvas, TalentLMS be integrated on a country level?

Does it depend on the server or LMS features that millions of users can be supported on a single site?

Thanks in advance.

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    Which meaning of LMS? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LMS has a few and it is not obvious from your question. How big a country? Jun 20 '20 at 11:58
  • Welcome to Software Recommendations! Please also see What is required for a question to contain "enough information" for what details we miss. Then please edit your question and see if you can incorporate some of these improvements.
    – Izzy
    Jun 20 '20 at 12:16
  • LMS stands for Learning Management System in context of software such as Moodle... but Steve makes a valid point - It will be helpful to include more specs when asking for a recommendation.
    – techbolt
    Jun 22 '20 at 9:48

Moodle can easily be integrated at country level and the limitation is usually in how well your underlying infrastructure handles the load - The app itself is pretty solid and will work well for a pretty huge userbase.

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