I would like to find a command line RSS aggregator that I can put in my crontab, so it downloads feeds locally.

The purpose is that I would like to download the feeds locally, so I can use standard Linux utils such as grep on the feeds.


Does anyone know of a command line RSS aggregator?

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    Basically, RSS works over HTTP. So you can use wget to retrieve it. I don't use RSS, so I don't know what an aggregator is. I think of it as something that combines multiple RSSes from different days into one file. Do you really need that when you're doing it on a cronjob basis? Jun 12 '20 at 16:13

You could try RawDog which is a Python 2.7 based command like RSS feed aggregator specifically designed to be run from cron.

It is:

  • cross platform, free & open source.
  • supports templating & customisation
  • has lots of plug-in components

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