When attending remote meetings where the interlocutor presents slides, I sometimes would like to take a screenshot of each slide they show and save it as an easily browsable slide deck on my side. What program or or web-based service allows to do so?

Programs I tried along with their limitations:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: I need to zoom out to view the entire screenshot and I need to click on add new slide for each new screenshot.
  • Microsoft Paint: I need to save each screenshots as an independent file.
  • Google Document: I could paste screenshots as images in a landscape document, but it's not very convenient to browse the document and a bit lossy in terms of image quality.

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows or web-based service
  • License: any
  • Price: any

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A screen capture program such as SnagIt can be configured to capture a specific area of the screen (user defined) and save it to a user-defined folder, while prepending a user-defined filename with advancing numerical components. The default hot key for SnagIt is the print-screen key but nearly any combination can be used.

The program runs on Windows and also provides for a free trial. I've used SnagIt for uncounted years and have not found any task for which is is not a capable piece of software.


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