I am looking for a gratis Windows program that can take a standard windows text file and search for occurrences of two user provided strings within N lines of each other, where N is user specified.

regex is "nice to have", as are bells & whistles, but just that functionality will suffice.

[Update] I am looking for an off the shelf solution - not something that requires me to code.


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CudaText is gratis. It can do it via custom Python plugin.

Plugin should show dialog via dlg_input_ex() or dlg_input(), user enters a number there, then plugin reads all lines via ed.get_text_line(i) and finds needed lines. Then it places caret via ed.set_caret() or shows found lines in msg_box().

  • So, your recommendation is not a ready-made solution? It requires me to code? If I have understood that correctly, why would I not code my own stand-alone solution? Why do I need one of the many IDEs which support plug-ins? Using an IDE would constrain me. If I code a stand-alone app, it will do exactly what I want. As it is, I am looking for something off the shelf & will update the question to say so
    – Mawg
    Commented Jun 10, 2020 at 6:30

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