I need a non-linear note taking, I tried personal wiki, but they seem to be too difficult for me without any basic programming knowledge and issues.

I need a basic, macOS, personal wiki-based software with link to PDFs. Main aim is to make a collection to text with link to my PDFs that are stored locally.

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Have a look at Obsidian, which is free for personal use.

Obsidian allows you to write notes using Markdown format and allows you to link to other notes, making it work like a personal wiki.

You can also link to files in the "attachments" folder. When doing this with a PDF, clicking the link opens the PDF in the app.

  • Hi, thank you. I tried. But, two issues: a) the PDF must be always kept in the working folder and b) the PDF opens in the same window or say in the app, I want to make the highlight if needed, and typically want to open PDF in my default app, Skim. I guess these belong to some features request section of the app.
    – user199
    Jun 5, 2020 at 17:16

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