I have started a new hobby, I want to sing covers mostly for myself. I bought the U-PHORIA Studio. Now I want to know which software to use. The instruction guide recommends Audacity although I am also inclined to Adobe Audition as I have used Adobe products before and like them.

Also, I will only use this microphone for voice recording (singing) so I won't mind a software specifically designed for voice which may be either easier to use (because of less tools) and/or more things that can be done to the voice. Maybe what about Auto-Tune? What are the relationship between autotune and audacity for example? are there alternatives or they are meant to be complementary?

Sorry for this newbie question! Also heard Reaper is a good soft.

Seeing some more info. I found that LOGIC PRO X has actually some great autotune soft. Here is an example that seams super intuitive. When I google video tutorials to autotune it does not seem so intuitive.

Autotune is something I will have to use for sure when editing I think. LOGIC PRO X is not an option however because I use Windows.

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Audacity is:

  • Very good
  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Quite easy to use
  • Available for multiple platforms
  • Can do cleaver tricks like removing repetitive background noise or increasing tempo without changing pitch.

Strongly recommend giving it a try before you look at anything else.


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