I'm looking for a photo de-duper app for Mac, but from a different angle than normal.

If I download a new image from the web, I want to know if I already have it on my Mac or not.

I have had trouble finding a Mac duplicate photo finder that allows me to scan like a reverse image search. They only allow me to scan whole folders to find any and all duplicates, but I only want to find dupes of one image that I specify. If no dupes exist, then it would return nothing.

This is basically this question but for macOS.

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It's unfortunately a paid app, but the powerful and sleek PhotoSweeper can do a local reverse image search on your Mac.

Here's how:

  1. Open the app and choose "Side to Side Mode".

enter image description here 2. Drag and drop an image into the left-hand pane. Select parent folder to recursively search within such as your Mac's home folder.

enter image description here 3. Click 'Compare' button. Options pop up for how strictly or loosely you want to scan for matches. Press 'Start'.

It may take a while depending on how many images you have.

enter image description here Here's the result in my example. It found a dupe image on my hard drive, small_edited.png:

enter image description here It even apparently can do videos.

What would make things much faster is an app that pre-indexes the Mac's images instead of re-scanning them every time you do a local reverse image search. That would make for a superior answer.

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