Suppose you...

  • You have a function f(std::size_t) -> T and a value n, and want to treat the image f({0...n}) as an array or a const std::vector.
  • You have an std::vector<T> or std::array<T>, and you want to treat it like an std::ordered_map<std::size_t, T>.
  • You have an std::vector<std::pair<T,S>> or std::array<std::pair<T,S>>, and you want to treat it like an std::unordered_map<T,S>

I intentionally didn't go into the details. The point is - you want facades - for standard containers or over standard containers.

Is there a C++ library which offers (more than one) of them?


  • Libre
  • Gratis
  • C++11 or later
  • Cross-platform


  • Header-only
  • Decent constexpr support
  • Support for C++14, C++17 features when using those versions of the language
  • Actively maintained

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