My grandmother passed away, I would like to pull her pictures out of my local storage, but I have a massive amount of images from the past 18 years..

Is there a software that can recognize/classify faces in pictures stored in local HDD without uploading them or storing them to the web?

If possible to achieve this without development – out of the box software, or minimal wiring...

Expected output is just list of pictures...

Im running windows


There is indeed and better yet it is available free! There are a number of options but one of the better ones is to use a combination of:

There is a marvellous tutorial, (with downloadable code), on how to:

  1. Detect Faces
  2. "Quantify" the faces
  3. Train a Support Vector Machine
  4. Recognise the faces in Images & Videos

It is on the pyImageSearch blog here.

All of the above is:

  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Cross Platform so will work on Windows, Linux, OS-X (even Raspberry-Pi)
  • Reasonably easy to customise
  • Works 100% locally, once you have installed the components you should be able to disconnect from the internet completely.
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