I use this website called Loader.to to download Video Playlists from a popular video site. Some of the playlists are particularly long tutorials and data costs aren't cheap in my country so I go to the library once a week to download all the links I've saved but recently the server from Loader.to have had issues so it works sometimes but not often and some days I struggle to get the download links working for more than 20 minutes of retrying. I only have 1 hour at the library computer but their download speeds are incredible. How can I use my home computer to download from Loader.to directly to Google Drive so that when I get to the library on Saturday's, I can just retrieve the videos from my cloud storage. That way I only use a little data at home.

There are multiple plugins like Save-to-Google-Drive for Chrome but they offer to only download pdf's, web pages or screenshots to the drive, but I need a method for large zip files and mp4 videos. MultCloud only allows transfers from one cloud to another and saving web pages directly. I found this link but not entirely sure that this will DIRECTLY download to my drive or download to PC and then upload to drive. A lot of the answers here are outdated now. I think youtube-dl looks promising but it seems so overwhelming to install, configure and then download playlists all in 1 hour.

Has anyone had success with this, or do you know of a more reliable online downloader that I can just quickly input links to playlists and then have the downloads ready in minutes?

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