This morning, for instance, I went to get my trump fix and Google has dozens of results about Twitter flagging trump as misleading for the first time. Two weeks ago it would have been about injecting bleach or even light - and i don;t want to read all of those; one will give me all that I need to know.

If I had searched for trump bleach, I could have used the "I'm feeling lucky" key and gotten a single result. But, that's not what I want.

I want a list of each of today's new trump antics, shenanigans, lies & distraction, with one entry for each. For instance, bleach, the wall, a lot good people, do us a favo(u)r, Kim Jong Un (whatever happened to him, anyway?), etc, etc. So, my search term is just trump.

So, what I am looking for is some browser app or plugin (with AI?) that says to itself, "those all look similar; they all talk about trump university", and only offer me one of those (plus one for the trump foundation, plus one for Stormy Daniels, etc).

I always use the "last 24 hours" setting on Google, so any answer has to be able to do that.

It doesn't have to be Google, of course. Any search engine will do.

As a big bonus, I would like to blacklist/whitelist/prioritize some web sites. E.g blacklist faux news, whitelist & prioritize the Washington Post before the BBC before CNN before MSNBC before the rest .

I am happy to use a combination of apps & plugins to achieve this.

Any ideas? Must run on Windows

[Update] today it's 90% "trump's gonna shut down Twitter", and it's google search result page 12 before I see anything else. Btw, it's not jsut trump that suffers from this. I could use a trump news aggregator if that's all that I wanted. I just use him as an obvious example, but am looking for a generic solution. E.g, if I were searching sports, I would want to see only one result for each match.

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