I’m interested in making an interactive work-flow tool like the one on this New York Times (NYT) website.

New York Times Workflow Example

The members of my team would click on Yes or No buttons on the work-flow tool, and it would show interactive messages similar to pressing the buttons on the NYT website. I have heard of online tools like Survey Monkey but they can't accomplish this kind of interactivity. I am not a web designer and I don’t know the coding to do this, so I want to use an online platform/tool to do this. Can anyone recommend an online platform or tool that is simple to use and can create such a workflow?

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I think you can try one of them for creating forms:

But I'm not sure that it can be interactive like on your website. On your website it doing in code.


Seems like a survey tool would provide the functionality you need. Although most of them provide similar behaviors (step process with interdependencies between questions), Typeform uses a much more welcoming user interface.

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