I need to do a large amount of simple symbolic computations. I have already tried SymPy, which is too slow, GiNaC (seems to be unable to simplify), SymbolicC++ 3 (I don't remember why this didn't work...), Piranha (outdated, uncompilable; unobtainable dependencies), SymEngine (don't know either). My known remaining options are Mathematica and the symbolic calculation extension for Matlab. I think both of these might be quite slow, which is why I am looking for a fast alternative.

These are the requirements:

  • Must be able to handle basic arithmetic operations
  • Must be able to handle sqrt and ² operations
  • Must be able to handle ==, < and <= (and their inverse) comparisons and simplifications; see my comment about GiNaC. (I think I remember similar problems with SymbolicC++ 3 and SymEngine.)
  • Optional builtin support for vectors (of course this can be easily added)
  • Must be available for free

That's it. I don't need any fancy integration/differentiation functions, only these three things and speed.


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