I am looking for an Android app, preferably gratis, but I could pay for something exceptional. I have preference for something F-Droid, or, at least, something that doesn't send my data to some large company (e.g, not Map my walk or Map my run).

Must have:

  • measure speed, time and distance covered
  • calculate calories burned, based on gender, height & weight

Nice to have:

  • history
  • comparison/trends
  • show map / plan route, give directions
  • export route data to a standard G.I.S format (with timestamps, possibly other data)
  • works with Garmin ForeRunner (at least for heart-rate, all else a bonus)

Any other features welcome

  • Not using any such app, hence no answer – just the usual question: have you already checked with my corresponding list? RunnerUp might come close (but seems to lack calories); FitoTrack (see Fiximan's answer) should fit the bill and even exceed it.
    – Izzy
    May 20, 2020 at 20:54

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I currently use FitoTrack which seems to come pretty close to your requirements:

  • record speed, time, distance and altitude (would not trust that too much!)
  • including history
  • map (also historical), would not know of navigation, though
  • export tracks to GPX-format (should include timestamps, too)
  • calorie counter (by weight & type of sports)
  • open source, no data collecting, OSM maps
  • available via F-Droid

NOT featured: specifying sex and height, heart rate (AFAIK), offline maps (AFAIK)

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