I'm looking to fulfill the following workflow:

  • Draft comic panels and chat bubbles in my browser.
    • Chat bubbles, action bubbles, thought bubbles, etc.
    • Upload font-files.
    • Edit text bubbles
  • The webapp is probably a mouse based WYSIWYG, but I could work with something less obvious.
    • For example, I'm willing to learn a yaml/toml style syntax if the software author thought that was easier than programming drag-n-drop and other mouse actions.
  • The webapp has templates for different comic types (standard 3 panel, 4 panel, 6 panel for me, manga and other type templates for other users).
  • Save the drafts in something like Google Drive or Dropbox
  • Export in high resolution without watermark
    • should support a standard or normal format with transparency, like PNG or PSD
  • Use exported file as an upper layer in other software like GIMP, Krita, drawing tablet, Adobe, etc..

If the software does not already exist, I might write it myself.



Comicgen is an opensource tool and while I have not used it myself yet, I came across it while searching for something similar to your requirements. See if it is helpful.


Maybe this will help you. It's not exactly what you are looking for but it's definitely worth a look.

Photopea is like Photo Shop in the browser. You could create a file with you basic items (in hidden layers) and edit/copy this file and build new images from your items.

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