I am looking for a "" tool (you'll understand the quotes shortly) with the following properties:

  • cross-platform (Linux and Windows at a minimum)
    • this implies that it should be agnostic to / vs. \ issues ...
  • single-master ... i.e. there is one authoritative copy
  • stores cryptographic hash of the files under its control along with other metadata in some database
    • file name
    • file path
    • timestamps
  • it should be able to detect files whose location (or name) underneath the base folder changed (but whose file size and hash will obviously be the same)
    • can use the file size as well as head and tail of multi-GiB files to make a quick call on whether it should even bother to compare the full cryptographic hash
  • doesn't have to do the actual synchronization (copying files around, verifying them afterward), instead it's sufficient to give a report in a form that I can post-process with a script, for example (i.e. structured output in whatever commonly used format such as YAML, JSON, XML or even CSV ...)

I'd prefer FLOSS and gratis, but if the solution is comprehensive, I will definitely shell out up to, say, 50 bucks (USD).

  • Why not consider just using a version control tool such as git or mercurial. They do almost exactly what you are describing plus letting you track what has changed and being able to revert it? Commented May 16, 2020 at 5:01
  • 1
    @SteveBarnes simple, because the files are huge and binary. git-annex would generally be an option, but that would require using Git. And Git hates me and I it, so I won't use it voluntarily without being paid to do so. I was actually wondering when I wrote my question if I should mention having pondered these options. Commented May 16, 2020 at 9:53


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