I'm looking for a solution free/paid that would allow the following.

  • Create set of Drag and Drop UI Templates.
  • Where each UI template visually represents an existing Fragment's layout.
  • I need to be able to rearrange these dropped templates to adjust the flow of the onBoarding sequence.
  • They need to have editable text fields for the fragments string or int variables
  • Export the flow and generate a text array of code in the oder of the arranged flow

.enter image description here

So the output of the flow above would be something like this;

addFragment(FragmentIntro.newInstance("Some title",
            "Some subtitle explaining the purpose of this sequence",

            "Multiple Choice 1", 
            "Multiple Choice 2", 
            "Multiple Choice 3", 
            "Multiple Choice 4", 
            "Multiple Choice 3")); // the correct answer

            "She is eating a salad", 
            "True",)); // the correct answer

I've searched various tools. Vaadin, Proto, Adobe XD etc. but this seems pretty simple..Even PP would work, but that means having to use Powerpoint.. I am wondering if anyone knows of a tool simple enough to do this. Thanks in advance

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