I am looking for a PostScript viewer for Mac.

It must be a GUI program with a relatively convenient interface. I only need to view single page EPS files, no need for multi-page general PostScript.

I am looking for something else than Preview, which converts PostScript to PDF before viewing and often messes it up in the process. Perhaps something GhostScript based.

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I found gv, which is available in MacPorts. Note that it requires X, so it won't do retina resolution. The user interface is a bit archaic, but very usable after getting used to it. Don't let it scare you away. Recommended.

I do not recommend:

  • MacGhostView because it appears to be the same as gv, packaged into an app, for a charge.

  • Gnome GhostView (ggv in MacPorts) install failed with MacPorts, plus it depends on much of the Gnome system, which is a lot of unnecessary software to install just to view EPS files.

  • yap-app from MacPorts failed to install again due to its GnuStep dependency.

  • MacGSView is outdated and won't work on recent OS X.

I hope this will help others avoid wasting time trying PostScript viewers that won't work.

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