I spend a lot of time on OSX in Terminal running Bash on SSH.

Most of the time it's fine, but when writing commands I miss several "standard" text editor features:

  • undo typing (/redo)
  • cut highlighted text
  • drag/drop text with mouse
  • find replace (occasionally useful for large commands)

Is there another shell or a plug in that allows editing the current command with the UI of a "standard" text editor (i.e. with some of the features I miss listed above)?


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In case anyone ever sees this, I've settled on Micro as my $EDITOR and use fc when I want to edit a command.

It has a really intuitive interace with undo/redo, cut/paste, and find/replace. Unfortunately I still cannot drag text and the UI is still not 100% as friendly as non-terminal text editors.


For bash, put:

-o vi

into your .bashrc file.

Or better yet, to affect input for all GNU programs, put:

set editing-mode vi

into your .inputrc file.

(Or use emacs instead of vi.)

The command line will then be in input mode by default, and entering <esc> will put it into vi editing mode.

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