I usually use XnView MP as a reference viewer, since I thought Windows Photos and LXImage-Qt doesn't support it. However, I ran across this test today. It seems that XnView MP doesn't support color management at all, as the sRGB_Gray.jpg looks red with text saying the viewer doesn't support it (it should look gray).

Can anyone recommend a free (open source preferred), cross-platform image viewer that supports color management?

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Possibly overkill as it aims to be a full photo processing workflow but Darktable provided full color management for camera, monitor & output formats.

It is:

  • Free, gratis & open source
  • Cross Platform

When viewing images & collections:

Pressing the button on the right side of the bottom panel lets you define the color profile of your monitor. You can either set this to “system display profile” (default) and let darktable enquire the system's display profile, or alternatively set it to one of the ICC profiles located in $DARKTABLE/share/darktable/color/out and $HOME/.config/darktable/color/out. $DARKTABLE is used here to represent your chosen darktable installation directory and $HOME your home directory.

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