Many commercials offers are available for stream processing (live transcoding rtmp/srt to hls/dash, DVR, extract from DVR, multicasting, ...), Wowza, brightcove, AWS, Zixi and so on. I've been using some for some time in my company, but the major drawback is that we have few ways to customise their solutions as it's either not possible or poorly documented. I've ended up plugging in-house services based on ffmpeg to some commercial services which gave us an hybrid solution.

I would like to remove these commercial dependencies and package it into an open source solution, that would be ready to use, and also modulable to take only what's needed. (Broadcast module, processing module, transmitter module, etc..)

I've looked at existing open source solution but most are outdated, incomplete or feels like a black box as a company is behind selling a premium version (antmedia, red5). What I have in mind is more of an easy to use interface like wowza, that is also accessible with an API like zencoder, and each module could be deployed independently in a docker container or as a whole with a docker-compose for example.

It would run in docker containers so any OS on which docker can run. It would be based on Debian image I guess. Formats in input/output could be RTMP/SRT/HLS/DASH, at least to begin with.

Perhaps something like that already exists but I'm not aware of it.

If it doesn't, do you think such project is interesting enough to make it available for everyone ?

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