I started looking for a software of any kind to be used in a company that lets users (employees) book/reserve resources (for example cars) and that could be configured to require approval from administrators.

The main features I'm looking for are:

  • The possibility for administrators to define a set of resources (ex. Car_1, Car_2, etc.)
  • The possibility for normal users to request a reservation for a specific resource (ex. I want to use Car_2 tomorrow from 8am to 10am)
  • The request for reservation must be approved by an administrator to be valid

I found nothing on the web but one open source project called Booked. I'm looking for something very similar to that software, but I found it a little bit complex and "old style", I'm wondering if there is any paid alternative (event with monthly subscription).

Thanks a lot!


I believe our booking tool Bookkit would fit your needs - it is an online equipment booking system that has different roles with different accessibility levels and permissions. E.g. Instructors can have full access rights to one or multiple pieces of equipment, Students can only be allowed to see their own activities, bookings and projects etc. Admins can define booking rules and permissions for individual users as well as groups of users. If this sounds like something you are looking for please do check it out here: Bookkit.org or have a look at the FAQs if you have any other aspects to consider. Hope this helps!

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