I'm looking for a PDF viewer for Linux that I can use to fill out PDF forms and save them as a file.

Happy for suggestions!


Okular 0.24.2 is able to handle forms.


qpdfview 0.4.18 is able to do too.


In Linux the default pdf viewer(in ubuntu) evince can view a pdf with forms and also allow you to fill up the forms. Although the experience is not that pleasant.

Okular can handle forms preety well. My experience with it is really good. Although it does not allow you to add signature from an image file or to create a pdf with forms.

Finally, Libreoffice Draw which is preinstalled in most of the linux distros is an awesome application. It allows you to edit pdfs even those that are not forms. You can add custom text, image etc in a pdf and save it. Also it allows you to create a pdf with forms.

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