Is there some kind of software that would allow me to download this online book and/or convert it to pdf?


Of course I could save each page separately and then merge them into a pdf, but it would take a lot of time, since the book has 451 pages.


i would suggest a web crawler like wget or Offline Explorer with the right rules, this should be easy

and even a small batch like

wget "http://ip194097.ntcu.edu.tw/memory/TGB/data/Tbook/TBook1/TBook1_%E9%A0%81%E9%9D%A2_001.png"
wget "http://ip194097.ntcu.edu.tw/memory/TGB/data/Tbook/TBook1/TBook1_%E9%A0%81%E9%9D%A2_451.png"

should be easy to make in minutes with a spreadsheet

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